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Connections: Top Houston Networking Events

Hi, this is Gail “The Connector” Stolzenburg bringing you Houston’s Top Networking Events,
special training sessions, networking tips, wellness tips, and a book review on “No Matter
What You Can Do It” 
by Red O’Laughlin

Special Announcement!
A New BNI Chapter is forming in the West Houston/Katy area using the Fast Track Program,
the most effective network training program available. The average Houston BNI member
generated about $5,000 per month in the last 12 months. Seats in this chapter will be filled
in less than 30 days, so respond today. The organizational meeting will be on January 30th
at 7:00 am at Chris Liebum’s office conference room,  3420 Torchlite Terrace #B, Katy, TX.
As a member you’ll have exclusivity (one member per industry), network training and
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Special Video!

The most successful people get up early, even on Saturday morning. If you are one of them, see the replay to learn the secrets I’ve taught to thousands of people regarding connecting and monetizing. Go to 

 Networking Tip of the Week

There are four ways, and only four ways, in which we have contact with the world. We are
evaluated and classified by these four contacts: what we do, how we look, what we say, and
how we say it.
– Dale Carnegie


Wellness Tip of the Week  - Hanger Oners
Have you seen those people at the health club hunched over the treadmill hanging on for dear life?
Are you one of them? Here are three reasons never to hang on to the bars:
 1. Posture – you may develop a permanent hunch back (shoulders back, chest out, head neutral)
 2. Breathing – when you are bent, your breath is shallow rather than deep
 3. Balance – It is impossible to develop balance hanging on
 And, if attracting others is one of your goals, you may be creating a negative effect. 


Your Networking & Training Events

Events hosted at Office in America, 6200 Savoy Dr. by Marian LaSalle, Mariana Cortez, Pablo Valle, Maylon Hargrove, and Red O’Laughlin. Go to

Top Houston Networking Events

Houston Networking Events Details

Tue Jan 16  InHouston Katy Business Networking 4 – 7 pm Texas Borders, 20940 Katy
Freeway at Westgreen.  Register at

Wed Jan 17 Rise & Grind 7:00 am Cantina Laredo 11129 Westheimer, with facilitators Cheryl
Bertrand & Barry Holzbach, hosted by the Houston West Chamber. Go to

Wed Jan 17 Small Business Today Magazine / International Trade Center,
11110 Bellaire Blvd. Email

Thur Jan 18 The CBFA Networking Lunch & Learn 11:30 am Tony’s Mexican Restaurant,
870 S. Mason Rd, Katy.  Register at

Sun Jan 21 Story Jam with Rod “The Storyteller” White 3 PM, City Plaza at Town Square,
2299 Lone Star Dr., Sugarland, Register at

Tue Jan 23 Bagels & Business 7:00 am PF Chang’s China Bistro Highland Village,
4094 Westheimer Rd, Go to

Tues Jan 23 CBFA Networking Lunch 11:30 am Kelly’s Country Cookin’ 11555 W. Airport by
Delisle Doherty Register at

Tues Jan 23 After Hours Network 6 pm Café Express 1101 Uptown Park Blvd, Tina Marie St Cyr
on Proven Way to Assure Your Success for the New Year, Go to

Thur Jan 24 Katy Business Association Networking Lunch, 11:00 am Midway BBQ
6052 Highway Blvd. Register at

Thur Jan 25 SBC Networking Lunch 11:30 am Ragu & Pesto 6445 Westheimer Rd
Go to

Wed Jan 31 The Get Together 11:30 Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church 8300 Wirt Rd,
Register at

Thur Feb 01 NRG Center 9 am to 5 pm See Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank), Gary Vaynerchuk
(Internet Guru), Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs TV Show), George Stringer (MPV), Robert Herjavec (Shark
Tank), President George W. Bush, and thousands of attendees.  Attend SNG Mastermind December
12th and/or the CBFA Networking Lunch on December  21st for special ticket pricing. Go to for special pricing.

Tue Feb 06  Atria (formerly Arbor Terrace) Cinco Ranch Networking Breakfast 9 am 24001 Cinco Center Blvd Mindy Boysaw 281 395 9600 or email

Tues Feb 06 International Networking Week® Celebration Lunch 11 am The Wyndham Hotel,
14703 Park Row near I-10 &Hwy 6. Learn about the world’s largest business referral network.
The focus of this event will be to bring together representatives of government, businesses and
the community to network with each other.

Hank Moore, featured speaker, talks on “Business and Community Legends” and his 9th book,
nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. He has presented Think Tanks for five U.S. Presidents and spoken
at 7 Economic Summits. He will sign his books Pop Icons and Business Legends, The Business Tree,
Non-Profit Legends and Houston Legends.

Jim Hotze, CPA and political activist, will discuss how you can become knowledgeable of the issues
and candidates on the ballot, help others register to vote, and get involved in the upcoming elections
and precinct conventions on March 6th.

Gail “The Connector” Stolzenburg, certified professional networker, will share how you can become
an effective business networker, find the best networking events for you, and what to say when you meet

Join us (we have over 20 registered already) in celebrating this event with people around the world.
Your only cost is $16, including lunch. Register today at

Wed Feb 07 The Networkers Luncheon 11:00 am Post Oak Grill 1415  Post Oak Ln
Speaker Hiett Ives on Proper Wording,  Go to

Fri Feb 09 Promptings Academy, 9 am Hilton Garden Inn, 12245 Katy Fwy, full day of personal
development courses helping attendees & businesses learn how to leverage relationships
and increase revenue while maintaining and retaining customers and clients, featuring
keynote speaker Kody Bateman: Jordan Adler, author of Beach Money; and Steve Schultz,
author of Yes. Sometimes It Is About The Money. Go to

Tues Feb 13 SNG Mastermind with Rod “The Storyteller” White  11:30 The Egg & I 9920 Hwy 90
Register at

Wed Feb 14 Business Wellness Networking Lunch & Learn 11 am Tracie L. James
Author of EXCUSE PROOF Leadership – A Get-It-Done System for Building a High-
Performing Team. Hosted by Houston West Chamber.

February 23-25 2018  Presentation Power
Since 2007, Presentation Power has been the event that business leaders and high-achievers
(people like you) attend to learn how to rise above the competition, one engagement at a time.
By not just leading, but connecting; and not just selling, but building trust, you harness the
power to influence change when you need it most.

Join me by registering today at  Taught by
multiple award-winning speaker, international bestselling author, and TV personality
Jonathan Sprinkles, Presentation Power is a high-energy, high-content, highly-interactive
experience giving you skills that you will immediately use to position your ideas to be accepted by
internal decision makers and externally to customers.

Thur Mar 01 Women’s Council of Realtors Lunch 11:00 am Pine Forest Country Club
18000 Clay Road. Speaker – Hank Moore, business strategist and bestselling author of
The Business Tree, Houston Legends, Non-Profit Legends, Pop Icons & Business Legends
and more. Put this session on your calendar now.


BNILogo1 IvanMisner020316 Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI

Recent Director’s Conference with Joanne Ericksen, Kitty Tennison, Jim Newton, Courtney
Weidner,  Mike Mogell , Kathy Brokaw, Kathy Mathy (Exec Dir), Emily Sloyer, Robert Gesner,
Brandon Thomas, Bobbie Stratton, and Gail Stolzenburg

Email  for information on any of the 43 Houston BNI Business Referral
sessions, the world’s largest and only global quality business referral organization. Join over 225,000
entrepreneurs who generated $13.4 billion last year in closed business. The average BNI member in
Houston’ annualized closed business in 12 months is $64,000.

Have you heard “We are just like BNI without the rules”? BNI in Houston has just implemented the
BNI Fast Track Program”, a 6-month networking training program to teach members the most
effective way to generate income and it is complimentary for every member.

My gift to you is a complimentary copy of an e-newsletter with valuable business building tips
by Dr. Misner, founder of BNI and recipient of the Leadership Award by John C. Maxwell. Go
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to be a BNI member.
 To learn which is more important in networking, quantity or quality
watch this video Read the Book Review below for a new book.



The Small Business Today Magazine
Be sure to read my article on Networking & Employment!

The November/December issue of Small Business Today Magazine features Rodeo Dental and
Orthodontics with Dr. Saam Zarrai, Dr. Brian Dugoni, and Dr. Yahya Mansour, who have 17
dental offices throughout Texas. Those who attended the last Presentation Power Workshop by
Jonathan Sprinkles remember the outstanding entrepreneurial abilities of these dentists.

 Book Review: No Matter What You Can Do It  by Red O’Laughlin

Your subconscious mind controls everything you do. Without guidance, you have a 95% chance of
financial failure at retirement. It doesn’t help to only understand ‘how to’ do something. It’s critical
to understand the ‘why’ and how to control your future. Reinforced failure overtime will guarantee
future failure. Learn how to control your subconscious mind for a better life.

Join me in getting your copy of this amazing book today!


 Have a healthy, happy, prosperous networking week!