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Connections: Top Houston Networking & Training Events

Hi, this is Gail “The Connector” Stolzenburg bringing you Houston’s Top Networking Events, special training sessions, networking tips, wellness tips, and a new book Opportunity by Eban Pagan, entrepreneur, teacher and technology T

Top Networking Events for the Next Two Weeks

Tues Aug 07 BNI Energy Corridor Visitor’s Day 7 am Rudy’s BBQ 21799 Katy Fwy. Your speaker for Three Simple Steps to Monetizing Networking is Gail Stolzenburg, Certified Professional Networker, Networking Columnist for Small Business Today Magazine, and Educational Director for BNI Houston West Region. To register, go to

Wed Aug 08 HWCOC Business Wellness Networking Lunch & Learn 11:00 am The Wyndham 14703 Park Row, featuring Ronald Earl Wilsher, the Lead Instigator! And CFO (Chief Fun Officer) at Wilsher Media where they comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. He helps people build and develop an online empire based on their personality and passion. Your only cost is $16 which includes lunch, tax, and tip. Register at

Wed Aug 15 Small Business Today Magazine Networking Lunch & Learn 11:00 am The Wyndham 14703 Park Row, featuring Jonathan Horton, 2 times U.S, National All Around Gymnast, Olympic Silver Medalist, and American Ninja Warrior. Only $16 and you pay at the door. Register now at


Someone Asked Why I Publish Newsletters and Host Networking Events –

A response from Mbiotidem Bassey: “You gave me this book (if how-to’s were enough, we would all be skinny, rich & happy by Brian Klemmer) in one of your monthly networking events in Houston and it made a BIG impact in my life. I have read it twice since getting it and it introduced me to the topic of the sub-conscious mind programming in-depth

Thank you for all you do and for your networking event. Through it I met Jonathan Sprinkles  for the first time and that was another life changing moment for me.

I also got to know about Howard Partridge when he spoke at your event. I attended his three day workshop and that was my introduction to a turn-key business operation. At that conference I got to meet and hear Dr. Ivan Misner.

I think my big take away from you is your hunger and passion for growth and learning. I tend to see you everywhere from JT Foxx event to Marshall Silver event and a host of others. I appreciate and cherish you sir. Thank you so so much sir.

Mbiotidem Bassey has just completed an awesome book “In Pursuit of Purpose”. Join me in ordering your copy at

Receiving notes like this is Why I Do What I Do and Why I’m Called “The Connector”.


Special Video with Networking Tips!

The most successful people get up early, even on Saturday morning. If you are one of them, see the replay to learn the secrets I’ve taught to thousands of people regarding connecting and monetizing. Listen to my interview on Networking For Success on the Don Terrell Show at:


Your Networking Tip

If you don’t first connect with others, nothing else matters. – Jonathan Sprinkles


Your Wellness Tip

What is the most important aspect of your health and life?

Some people say it is food although you can go several weeks without food.
Other people say water although you can go several days without water.
And, there are those who say air because you can only go a few minutes without air.
The real answer is blood flow because when the carotid artery is compressed you can only go a few
seconds before becoming unconscious without blood to your brain.
Nutritious food, pure water, and clean air are all necessary for healthy blood.


Reocurring Networking & Training Events

Events hosted at Office in America, 6200 Savoy Dr. by Marian LaSalle, Mariana Cortez, Maylon Hargrove, Christi Ruiz, John David Saavedra, and Tracy Allen Hanes. For more information, go to . Office In America has been nominated to be Member’s Choice 2018 Awards.

Cypress Chapter, 2nd Tuesday, BB’s Cajun Cafe, 26010 Hempstead Rd
Northwest Chapter, 3rd Tuesday, Juanita’s Mexican Restaurant, 11550 Louetta Rd
Katy Chapter, 3rd Thursday, Tony’s Mexican Restaurant, 870 S Mason Rd
Stafford Chapter, 4th Tuesday, Kelly’s Country Cookin, 11555 W Airport
Go to

NHPO Katy Every Wednesday Breakfast Roundtable 8:00 am Bullritos 24441 Katy Fwy Meet Leah Martinez, Register at

Katy Premier Networking Every Tuesday 11:00 am Cellar Door 829 S Mason Dr. Hosted by Sonja Stephens. Go to

Every Saturday at 5:00 pm


Your Top Networking & Training Events


Tues Aug 07Atria Cinco Ranch Networking Breakfast 9:00 am Pictured with Mindy Boysaw and me is Donna Wrabel Contact Mindy Boysaw 281 574 8710 or email

Tues Aug 14 
Storyteller Networking Group 11:30 am The Egg & I 9920 Hwy 90. Meet Rod “The Storyteller” White,  author of The Power of Networking, The Sales Secrets of the Left Eye, “Pops”, and his new book “Fight The Fright”.

Wed Aug 15
Rise & Grind 7:00 am Cantina Laredo 11129 Westheimer, hosted by the Houston West Chamber. Pictured with HWCOC president Jeannie Bollinger.  Go

Tues Aug 21 Kody Bateman’s Pre Launch Book Tour 4:30 pm Embassy Suites 11730 Katy Freeway, Book overview, networking & signing. Kody Bateman is a specialist in Relationship Marketing and you will want to learn from him. Join me at

Tue Aug 21  InHouston Katy Business Networking 5– 7 pm Texas Borders, 20940 Katy Fwy Pictured is last month’s speaker Mat Shaffer, national trainer for Habitude Warrior International. He will focus on the 5 Pillars of Creating Extraordinary Results and the Art of Prospecting and Referral Power Register at

Thur Aug 22 West Houston Medical Center Networking Breakfast, 12141 Richmond Avenue hosted by Linda Meyer. Reserve at

Sat Aug 25  Harris County Flood Control District Bond Election. You may be asked to vote on what may be $2.5 billion flood risk reduction projects throughout the county. Go to

Wed Sep 12 The Networkers Luncheon 11:30 am Post Oak Grill 1415 S Post Oak, Mat Shaffer, Habit Performance Strategist and Success Coach and speaker at Habitude Warrior Conference. He will focus on the 5 Pillars of Creating Extraordinary Results and the Art of Prospecting and Referral Power. Go to

Sat Sep 15 NHPO Houston Gala, 6:00 pm Doubletree Houston Greenway Plaza.

Thur-Fri-Sat Nov 8 – 10 Habitude Warrior Conference 3-days with 33 outstanding speakers.
Go to

Thur Dec 13 Small Business Expo 9:00 am Hyatt Regency Downtown 1200 Louisiana Street
Register at


The Small Business Today Magazine published by Steve & Barbara Levine.  Displayed is the magazine cover featuring Maria Rios, Cover Honoree for April 2018. Be sure to read my article on Networking with Books.


Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI and recipient of the John C. Maxwell Leadership Award

BNI Member of Excellence Gala Committee pictured from left: Gail Stolzenburg, Jim Newton, Diane Mulder, Courtney Weidner, Richard Leroy, Roland Parker, Dennis Capilongo, Diana & Ross Silva, Joe Banasik, and Kristina Luong.

For information on any of the over 40 Houston BNI Business Referral sessions, part of the world’s largest and only global quality business referral organization, email You can connect with over 238,000 entrepreneurs who generated $14.8 billion last year in closed business. The average Houston BNI members’ closed business in 12 months is over $60,000.

Have you heard “We are just like BNI without the accountability”? BNI in Houston has just implemented the “BNI Fast Track Program” exclusive 6-month networking training program to teach our members the most effective to generate income and it is complimentary for every member.

My gift to you is a complimentary copy of an e-newsletter with valuable business building tips by Dr. Misner, Father of Modern Networking, Founder of BNI, and Recipient of the Leadership Award by John C. Maxwell. Go to click on “SuccessNet”  There is no cost to you and no requirement to be a BNI member. To learn which is more important in networking, quantity or quality watch this video Read Networking Like A Pro 2nd Edition.

Book Review: Opportunity by Egan Pagan

In The Future Opportunity Increases Exponentially! We have more options than ever to travel to new places, meet new people, start new businesses, and make new investments. But with this increase comes “opportunity shock” and the confusion that comes from having too many options. Inside you’ll learn how entrepreneurs and investors are turning big change into big opportunity, and how you can find and create your best opportunities in business and life.

You’ll also learn
** What opportunity is, how it works, and where to find it
** How to discover and develop more great opportunities in business, money, investing, health,      happiness,      relationships, and personal development
** How to overcome fear of failure, so you can have more of what you want in your life ** How you can become an innovator and a thought leader, so you can help others find their own biggest opportunities

The author, Eben Pagan is a well-known entrepreneur teacher and technology investor. He’s launched and invested in many companies, selling over 100 million dollars of products and services in the process. Eben has spent thousands of hours studying opportunity. After interviewing hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, self-made millionaires, and billionaires, Eben found that successful people have something in common: they are better at finding and creating OPPORTUNITY and they’re better at choosing which opportunities to bet on.

This book shows you how they do it… giving you the tools to find and create a lot more opportunity in your work, business, with money, and your life.


Have a healthy, happy, prosperous networking week!