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Wed May 13 Meet Tom “Big Al” Schreiter 10:00 am on Zoom at PDN – Personal Development Networking, a Houston West Chamber event. See website  Big Al is one of the top network trainers in the world, author of dozens of bestselling books, and my personal coach for over 25 years. He will teach you what to say and what to do when networking.  Pictured is one of his books Start SuperNetworking, which just happened to have an article on me and is one of the best books for networking hosts and members. To register for this awesome event, go to


 Also featured is Red O’Laughlin, author of The Joy of Ageless Health and Gail Stolzenburg, author of 21 Ways to Connect, with no experience.


Wed May 13Daily Reset 4 Curiosity Show/Podcast by Marian LaSalle and Lady Lou Dewey at 12 noon with guest conversationalist Gail “The Connector” Stolzenburg on “Connecting – Even Without Experience”. Register for the online show at


Sat May 16 Learn How to Pivot & Profit 9:00 am, 44-International Keynote Speakers, 20+ World Class Expert & Entrepreneurs will Provide you with everything you need to PIVOT & GROW your business Online. Register at


Tues May 12 Sharon Lechter on Grant Cardone’s 10X Live 7:00 pm. An interactive online show that discusses important and relevant events directly impacting the future of business owners.

Thur May 14 Ziglar/Phenomenal Products Inner Circle Virtual Conference 8am -5pm featuring Tom Ziglar, Howard Parridge, Jim Cathcart, Michelle Prince, Ellen Rohn,  Dr. Caroline Leaf , Rick Jones, Santiago Arango, and more.

Thus May 14 The Senior Estate Concierge Virtual Zoom Meeting 9:30 am hosted by Bill Graff For more information on this resource group for seniors and their families go to For the meeting go to

Sat May 16 11:00 am
Boomer Connection TV series on Channel 39. It’s  a show for seniors by seniors that everyone can benefit from. Watch the first episode of the new TV series Boomer Connection produced by BIC Media Solutions founded by Earl Heard. It contains four interviews  including Hank Moore, corporate strategist, keynote speaker,  and  bestselling author. The show can potentially reach a total audience of 119 million households: 2.7 million households in Houston on CW 39, 70 million households on national cable network UPTV, and 46 million households on the faith-based national cable network The Dove Channel.  If you missed the 1st episode, contact me at  and I’ll send you a link for the video

Fri May 15 Life After The Pandemic sith Caleb Robinson, Austin Tenette and Lara Allen 12:00 pm


Future Top Online Networking & Training Events


Mon May 18 Meet & Mingle by Zoom 7:00 pm, hosted by Steve & Barbara Levine and featuring H.O.P.E. Haven. Open the Zoom session at (map)          


Mon May 18 Russ John Live 9:00 am Known as the Godfather of LinkedIn Video and one of the world’s top video marketing experts, Brian has been on the Internet since it was a green screen and chat rooms and has 21 years of proven Digital Marketing experience strategizing with IR500 & Fortune500 brands across the globe.

Tues May 19 Newell Cheatheam of InHouston Katy Business Professional Networking Mixer. Go to Meeting ID: 766 0784 8500 Password: 5YKGMR

Sat May 23 From Lockdown To Breakthrough with 60 speakers from all over the world.
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Thur May 28 Sacramento Motivation Webinar with Eric Lofholm


Thur Jun 04 Coffee Talk by Houston West Chamber 7:45 am Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 823 7290 8103




Wed Jun 10 Meet Brian Hilliard 10:00 am at PDN – Personal Development Networking on Zoom, a Houston West Chamber event. Brian Hilliard is a Popular Speaker & Author of the bestsellers Networking Like a Pro, and How to Overachieve w/o Over Committing in addition to 5 more books. He is speaking on 3 Principles of High Performance Success. Register at

“Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? How some business owners and sales professionals achieve breakthrough results with seeming ease and consistency, while others struggle?
I have. And as a business owner since 2001, I’ve found that part of the issue lies with the very process itself.  In other words, I’ve discovered that success is less about learning something new that works, and more about unlearning something old that doesn’t.

And when you understand that – that success is definitely about doing things, but is also about simplifying, streamlining and taking away – then you start to develop some simple, yet powerfully straight-forward ideas for why some business owners & sales professionals reach their business and revenue goals, while others who received the exact same training, have not. In short, I’ve developed some Key Principles to High Performance Success that is specifically designed for people looking to achieve breakthrough results…without the overwhelm and overload commonly associated with high levels of success.” –
Brian Hilliard


5 Action Monday

What I am reading
The Closer’s Survival Guide  by Grant Cardone (see the book review)

Podcast I am listening to –  – a podcast created for me in Lone Star Podcast Network by Chris Doelle

Health advice I am taking –

No Eating Improves Health – see the article below by Red O’Lauglin, author of “The Joy of Ageless Health”.

Quote I am pondering –

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar

Nutrient I am taking –

Lutein filters harmful high-energy blue wavelengths of light and help protect and maintain healthy cells in the eyes. Of the 600 carotenoids found in nature, lutein is only one of two nutrients deposited in high quantities in the retina (macula) of the eye. Found in kale, turnip greens, spinach, brussels sprouts, lettuce, peas, and snap beans. I also take a supplement.


Do you know the best way to spotlight your business? Get it in front of people looking for you? How would you like to be interviewed for the Houston Area Small Business Spotlight show?

Well, most people spend over $500 for infomercials but you could do it for less than $100 like I just did and  be mentioned in the next 13 episodes. Check the link below to listen to the spotlight they did for me, then text (713) 269-4620 to learn more.


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Meeting Leaders:  Sonja Stephens and Vincent Vecchioni

4th Wednesday of each month – 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

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Zoom with Hanh from The Perfect Latte

Friday, May 15th  – 6 pm 

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Zoom with The Perfect Latte – The ABC Of Medicare

April 27th  –  11:30 am – 1:00 pm

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No Eating Improves Health by Red O’Laughlin

Our future depends on our health.

Fasting has been with us for centuries. Fasting is abstaining from all or some types of foods and drinks. There are many types of fasts and many reasons people choose not to eat.

Most fasts are done one to three days. A daily fast of a set number of hours is called an intermittent fast. People eat during part of the day and fast the remainder of the day. Healthy aging along with reduced health risks are a product of fasting.

A total fast is one that does not activate our metabolic system. Drinking water, unsweetened tea, or coffee does not create a metabolic response – the body reacting to carbohydrates, fats, or proteins and beginning the normal digestive processes.

Some will argue that lime or lemon in a glass of water and sipped over thirty minutes will not create a metabolic response. I agree with them. One lime is about one calorie. One calorie consumed over thirty minutes (give or take) has little to no digestive response.

There are many health-related reasons why people fast. Studies show that blood sugar control is improved during fasting. Caloric restriction is known to reduce the risks of age-related diseases. This is achieved through decreased levels of inflammation. Studies of both fasting and caloric restriction lower inflammatory levels in the body.

Triglyceride and cholesterol levels are decreased during fasting. Blood pressure moderates to a healthy range. Coronary heart disease and diabetes risks are lowered by fasting regimens. Brain function improves and neurodegenerative disorders are reduced through fasting. Interestingly enough, grand mal seizures were controlled by fasting decades ago.

Many people fast to improve their appearance by losing mass and fat. Dieting is not a successful long term compared to changing your lifestyle and eating less food daily. Muscle mass must be sustained to align with the fat loss to maintain good health.

The human growth hormone is secreted more during a fast. This is key to maintaining normal metabolism, weight, and strength. The daily slow degradation in the body’s production of human growth hormone leads to aging and age-related disease. Fasting is probably the easiest way to improve human growth hormone levels in the body.

Many studies show the benefits of extended fasts with delayed aging and longevity. Survival rates and life extension of many animals have been observed with fasting and caloric restriction.

There are a few studies investigating the benefits of fasting and cancer treatment. I do a 72-hour-fast monthly to reset my immune system. The University of Southern California determined this several years ago. Today, they are treating cancer patients with 72-hour-fast and chemotherapy. Fasting and chemotherapy have similar biomarkers for success. However, combining both significantly enhances patient recovery.

Fasting can be water only, juice only, intermittent (a set number of hours daily), partial fasting (restricting certain foods), calorie restriction (total number of calories reduced daily or weekly), and more. Fasting can be done every other day, in conjunction with the moon, one meal a day (OMAD), ketogenic (mostly fat and little to no carbohydrates), low-fat, low-carb, and more.

I did the Atkins Diet in the mid-90s. I read five books on the subject before I started and felt it was safe for me to do. I did it for six years. I lost lots of weight and kept it off. My annual flight examinations were all normal.

I was living in Germany for a couple of years during this time and drove down to Italy for long weekends (three or four days). I would eat bread and pasta and gain twelve pounds over that weekend. It would take me about twelve to fourteen days to lose the pounds I had gained eating the foods I avoided on Atkins.

What I did not know until I retired from the military and had my first bone density test was that I was osteopenia (losing bone density). I had been a runner and lifted weights for decades and never figured that I would have bone density problems.

It turned out that my body was in acidosis from eating too many fats and proteins. My body’s pH was consistently below 7.0. The same thing happens when you eat carbohydrates and not enough fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables leave the body in an alkaline state. Breathing, exercising, digesting food, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins leave the body in an acidic state. There must be more alkaline intake to keep the body alkaline. Otherwise, the body will leach calcium from the bones to maintain blood pH at 7.35-7.45. That is how I developed osteopenia.

There are many benefits to fasting. Do not start any type of fast without checking with your physician first, especially if you are taking any kind of prescription drugs, have high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, low blood sugar, or have other risks that can be exacerbated by fasting. Hydration is critical when fasting.

Angus Barbieri fasted under a doctor’s care for 382 days on tea, coffee, soda water, and vitamins. He lost 276 pounds.

Life Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


Book Review: The Closer’s Survival Guide by Grant Cardone

Over 100 ways to ink the deal


“ This book is about proactive learning. Rather than just reading the closes, drill them, practice, them, rehearse them, use them, enjoy them and most important, prosper from them” – Grant Cardone

First Grant tells you the ten reasons closers fail, then he closes in proactive learning sessions where you write exactly how you will customize the close to present your product, service, proposal or idea.

Leave It Up To The Bank: “It’s obvious you are concerned about the money. Let me suggest since money is the issue we leave it up to the bank. If the lender/bank or credit card company approves of the deal (and I know they won’t approve you if they don’t think you can do it), then we do the deal. If not, then no harm done. Sign here and we will leave if up to the lenders.

Quality: “I know it’s more money than you considered and I would expect that is the same thing that happens to you when you buy other products. It is obvious that you are a person who exemplifies quality, buys quality goods, lives in quality, wears quality and knows quality products cost more than other products. Let’s get this done now so you can start enjoying it.

Never The Best Time: “There is never a best time to make this decision as you will always have things going on. Let’s do this now and get it handled for you so you can start benefiting now. Sign here  please.

Grant Cardone is an international sales expert, sales trainer, motivational speaker and New York Times bestselling author. He is know for customizing sales programs for organizations of all sizes andhas positively affect hundred of thousand of people and organizations world-wide. 


Have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Safe Week!