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Houston Networking & Training Events Plus a New Book Review

Hi, this is Gail Stolzenburg  bringing you the Top Houston Networking & Training Events.

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Did you miss the Don Terrell Sow on October 7th? The most successful people get up early, even on Saturday morning. If you are one of them, see the replay to learn the secrets I’ve taught to thousands of people regarding connecting and monetizing.

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 Networking Tip of the Week

“First you have to be visible in the community. You have to get out there and connect with people. I’s not called net-sitting or net-eating. It’s called networking. You have to work at it.”
– Ivan Misner


Wellness Tip of the Week  – Physical Activity

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it”
– Plato


Your Networking & Training Events

Be sure to tune in to on Saturdays at 5 pm. For Networking Disconnect  with Gail Stolzenburg go to

For numerous Agency258 Networking & Education Events hosted by Mirian LaSalle & Russ Johns at
Office in America Co, 6200 Savoy Dr., go to

Top Houston Networking Events


Tue Oct 17  InHouston Katy Premium Business Networking 4 – 7 pm Texas Borders, 20940 Katy Fwy at Westgreen.  Register at

Wed Oct 18 Rise & Grind 7:00 am Cantina Laredo 11129 Westheimer, with facilitators Cheryl Bertrand & Barry Holzbach, hosted by the Houston West Chamber. Go to

Wed Oct 18 Small Business Today Magazine / International Trade Center Lunch and Learn with Public Speaker and Certified Master Trainer Carol Little on “Unleash Your Inner Speaker”  Contact

Wed Oct 18 Get Together 11:30 Terrace United Methodist Church 1203 Wirt Rd, Houston
(Note: this is a new location), Register at

Thur Oct 19 CBFA Networking Lunch 11:30 am Tony’s Mexican Restaurant, 870 S Mason,

Thur Oct 19 Small Business Expo Hyatt Regency Houston 9:00 am1200 Louisiana St
Register at

Thur Oct 19 Small Business Connexion lunch 11:30 am Ragu & Pesto 6445 Westheimer
Register at

Tue Oct 24 Bagels & Business 7:00 am PF Chang’s China Bistro Highland Village,  4094 Westheimer Rd, Go to

Tues Oct 24 CBFA Networking Lunch 11:30 am Kelly’s Country Cookin’ 11555 W. Airport by
Delisle Doherty Register at

Wed Oct 25 Language of Connection 9:30 am Office in America Co. 6200 Savoy Dr. Contact
Mariana Cortez Go to

Wed Oct 25 Katy Business Association, 11:00 am Midway BBQ 6052 Highway Blved.
Conducted by Kirk Rightmire, president. Register at

Fri Oct 27 The Abbey Networking Breakfast 9:00 am 2855 Westminster Plaza Dr.
This event is for those associated with senior health care providers only.
Contact Shana Bennett 214 682 0611 or

Thur Nov 02 Women’s Council of Realtors Greater West Houston 10:30 am Cane Island Welcome
Center 2100 Cane Island Pkwy. Dr Jim Gaines Chief Economist . Associated with Texas A&M
Real Estate Research Register at

Sat Nov 02 Alief Parade and Food & Toy Drive,  for the entry forms and rules for the parage
contact Marie Lee, president of Alief Community Association at

Wed Nov 08 Business Wellness Networking Lunch & Learn 11 am Jason B. Montanez
author of Lead Sell Care As Easy As 123. Sponsored by Houston West Chamber. Register

Nov 9 – 11 Habitude Warrior Conference by Erik Swanson, Hyatt Regency Boston
Register at

Wed Dec 13 Business Wellness Networking Lunch & Learn 11:00 The Wyndham, sponsored by Houston West Chamber of Commerce. Speaker Dick Huiras, Master Transition Coach.

February 23-25 2018  Presentation Power Location to be announced.
Since 2007, Presentation Power has been the event that business leaders and high-achievers
(people like you) attend to learn how to rise above the competition, one engagement at a time.
By not just leading, but connecting; and not just selling, but building trust, you harness the
power to influence change when you need it most.

Join me by registering today at  Taught by
multiple award-winning speaker, international bestselling author, and TV personality
Jonathan Sprinkles, Presentation Power is a high-energy, high-content, highly-interactive
experience giving you skills that you will immediately use to position your ideas to be accepted by

internal decision makers and externally to customers.


IvanMisner020316  BNILogo1

Email  for information on any of the 43 Houston BNI Business Referral sessions, the world’s largest and only global quality business referral organization. Join over 222,000 entrepreneurs who generated over $13 billion last year in closed business. The average annual closed business for a member of a Houston chapter is $62,000.

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The Small Business Today Magazine

 Book Review:  High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

To reach high performance, you have to consider more than your individual passsions and efforts,
and you’ll have to go well beyond what you like, prefer, or naturally do well because, to be frank,
the world cares less about your strengths and personalty than about your service and meaningul
contributions to others.


By the end of this book, you will never again wonder what it really takes to success when starting
a new project at work or purusing a bold new dream. You will be empowered with a set of reliable
habits that research has shown to work with a broad range of personalities, and in a variety of
situations, to create extraordinary long-term results. You’ll feel a sense of vital energy and
confidence from knowing where to focus your energies and how to serve most effectively.

You’ll understand how to keep frowing after you’ve enjoyed initial success. If you’re ever thrown
into a situation where you must work or compete with others at the highest levels of achievement,
you’ll know exactly how to think and what to do.

This isn’t to say you will be superhman, or need to be. You have flaws; we all do. Yet at the end of
this book, you’ll say to yourself, “I finally know exactly how to be consistently at my best. I’m
confident in my ability to figure things out, and fully capable of ocercoming adversity on the path
of success, for the rest of my life”

Get and read this book! Go to



 Have a healthy, happy, prosperous networking week!


About Gail

For the past twenty years GAIL STOLZENBURG has empowered people around the world with his special knowledge of engaging, educating, and entertaining, which allows them to connect with their business associates, friends, and prospective clients. His technique in introducing people to fellow business owners in complimentary businesses has earned him the title of “THE CONNECTOR”.

He is a columnist for Small Business Today Magazine, education director for Houston West BNI, former Host of Houston Business Pros KSEV am700 radio show, Host for Houston Direct Sales Forum and Houston West Chamber’s Business Wellness Networking Committee. He’s a member of Inner Circle for Phenomenal Products and Ziglar Corp. He has conducted training for thousands of members on networking, building relationships, and monetizing connections face to face and on the internet.